2022 seems to be taking star singer, Sheebah Karungi at a terrific speed!

Presumably, she is under intense pressure after falling out with her musical father, promoter and manager, Jeff Kiwa of Team No Sleep (TNS). Sources close to her intimate that she has a bad temper and doesn’t want anyone to ask her about her woes with former management!

If you have not met or talked to the self-proclaimed Nakyewonbekedde, in the past two-three months, then you better watch your collar if you plan to encounter her anytime soon.

She is now a new person as this is clearly endorsed by the majority of her social media posts nowadays.

In one of her posts on Wednesday, the “YOLO” singer barked offensively at all individuals involving her in unconstructive issues as they called her phone for gossip.

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Sheebah reveals that her motive is to exhaustively deliver to herself what she deserves alongside empowering & employing more people especially the women.

She adds that such a dream requires her to have enough time, commitment & passion to deliver appropriately.

My goal is to give myself Everything I deserve as I am empowering & employing more people so they can do the same, especially women which requires commitment, time & passion so Please don’t call my phone for gossip! I got Zero time for games and all that drama,” Sheebah wrote.

Lugambo pals and journalists who have tried calling her digits or accessing her Munyonyo Swanky premises have tasted her wrath.

She’s apparently a little paranoid lately.

“…she is reluctant to confide in others or reveal personal information to anyone. If you identify yourself as a journalist at her gate then you have no chance. Mbu tayagala Lugambo,” an insider tipped us.

It should be noted that Jeff has replaced Sheebah with fresh talent, Rahmah Pinky at TNS.

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