Sheilah’s mum saves her from God’s Plan

Socialite Ali Marcus Lwanga a.k.a God’s Plan has somewhat developed cold feet towards releasing Sheilah Gashumba‘s bonk tape…and he is attributing it to the relationship he still has with the ex-girlfriend’s family.

Sheilah’s mum is apparently so close to God’s Plan

Recently, God’s Plan went on a social media tirade against ex-girlfriend Sheilah Gashumba a.k.a Lil Stunner, causing an online buzz.

He accused Lil Stunner of serving her beans to Eddy Kenzo and Vinka’s baby daddy. He even vowed to end her career by unleashing more dirty info about the NBS TV star, including a bonk tape.

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However on Thursday, he ceased fire after he apparently received calls from Sheilah’s family and friends asking him to stop embarrassing her.

Plan says he has ceased fire until further notice

“See, I have known Sheilah for more than three years. I know some of her family members and they are good souls. I love her young siblings and they love me back! I’m close to her mum and we are good friends. Sheilah does stuff without minding about the end results but she has people she puts under pressure. When I start hammering, I will be hammering her family too. So I am not revealing any further dirty linen because of your mother and brothers. I believe they are good souls but you must stay humble,” he said.

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Sheilah Gashumba should have her mum to thank

According to numerous reports, Sheilah’s mum, Tina Mukuza, reached out to God’s Plan, begging him to have mercy for the under-pressure daughter. God’s Plan was very close to Sheila’s mum. He even organized a birthday party for her worth Shs 15M.