Media personality, Dianah Nabatanzi is not happy with NBS TV Uncut presenters, Zahara Toto and Kayz Kawalya, for attacking her while on set… and somewhat, wants their bosses to intervene.

Nabatanzi, who plies her trade on BBS TV, accuses Zahara Toto and Kayz of using their TV platform to mock, taunt, demean and defame her over reasons only known to themselves.

While on air, during her Kili Kitya show, Nabatanzi took time off to vent her frustrations, wondering how and why NBS TV bosses would look on as their employees unprofessionally attack a colleague in business.

“’s too bad that we have turned the media into a platform where presenters can fight their own wars. It hurts that most presenters are unprofessionally insulting and attacking another colleague from a different media house, as if the TV channel belongs to his or her grandparent. How can a big TV station stoop that low and start fighting one person? I sometimes ask myself whether it is a directive from their bosses. Do they have any problem with me or the presenters? What did I do to you? Please say it out loud so that the whole nation can know what’s up,” Nabatanzi cried out.

Her claims come at the backdrop of a trending video, in which Zahara Toto and Kayz allege that Nabatanzi’s alleged celebrity boyfriend, Mr. Lee of B2C, ditched her because she is too old. In the video, Toto and Kayz further claim that Nabatanzi and Mr. Lee’s purported ‘Kukyala’ is a hoax.

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Rumor has it that Mr. Lee and the multi-talented BBS TV presenter, who doubles as an actress, are planning a secret ‘Kukyala’ April 25, 2022. The pair have been reportedly playing ‘bedminton’ since Nabatanzi’s breakup with bonk champ, Lwasa.