Angel Kwankunda is determined to have her man and renowned bonk champ, Emmanuel Lwasa, back after tasting the wrath of an unbearable economy.

The pair broke up a few months ago, with Angel finding a replacement, days after parting ways. She and the new catch were filmed as they swapped saliva at a city night spot. Now, barely two months down the road, Angel seems to have realized that she made a mistake to ditch Lwasa, a loaded chap, who was sponsoring her flashy life and making her stay in Kampala a walk in the park.

This website understands that in a bid to hook Lwasa’s attention once again, Angel hired a Senga to not only sharpen her Zzina-skills but also to reconcile her with the showy tycoon.

“My Senga is really doing a fantastic job. I’m team “No divorce!” I have nowhere to go. I pity all those yearning for my husband’s sausage. They should stand warned coz I’m not easily dumped,” Angel roared.

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Despite Angel’s newfound determination to get her man back, we don’t think that Lwasa doesn’t remember how she has been on rampage, taunting and shaming him in countless interviews. She once told the world how he is stingy.

Without second thought, she claimed that Lwasa’s public displays of generosity are just for show to make people believe he is a kind man.

“He is the kind who will demand change even when it is 50k. I couldn’t deal with that,” she said.

Angel describes herself as a catch, saying that several rich men have opened their cheque books before her eyes so as to lure her into a relationship.