Y’all know that once close pals, Eddy Kenzo and Bobi Wine have taken about three years without having a meaningful conversation. Their friendship developed cracks in 2019 and since then, the pair cannot share the same breathing space.

To bring you up to speed, after almost two months in the US, Kenzo returned home and expected Bobi Wine to welcome him at the airport. By that time, there was a lot of talk in town after Kenzo’s baby mama, Rema Namakula had dumped him and introduced Dr. Hamza Sebunya in a pompous Kwanjula ceremony.

Unfortunately, the People Power Kingpin snubbed him, leaving him with only one option; to find solace in the yellow bus driver’s open hands. Kenzo did just that and met Sevo at the State House.

But still seething with anger in a leaked recorded phone call, the 2015 BET Viewer’s Choice Award winner labelled Bobi ‘a fool and a user’, who only wants to remain the only bull in the Kraal. He vowed to exit Uganda if Bobi Wine kicked Sevo out of the country’s top seat!

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With all that, Bobi, 40, has remained silent, but perhaps pressing the necessary buttons. Recently, the two mega stars almost met at Zex Bilangilangi‘s Hercules 10 Times Album listening party, but Kenzo chose to trace the nearest exit when Bobi stepped into the building.

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“He once said that he is not on our level, he has a huge security detail, and to speak to him you have to get permission from his bodyguards. I never wanted to interfere with his safety at the event so l left,” the Big Talent Boss explained why he vanished in thin air, soon after seeing Bobi.

However in his recent interview with Spark TV station, Kenzo explained that he actually has no bone to pick with the National Unity Platform (NUP) honcho.

He noted that he actually goes on his knees and prays for Bobi to achieve his dreams.

“To set the record straight, I don’t have any problem with him. It is just that nkola byange naye akola bibye. In fact, I always pray for him,” the 38-year-old star singer said.

Watch interview below:

Sources within the ‘Kamwokya camp’ tell us that Bobi felt so disrespected by Kenzo in that he named him in his bad books. In fact sources further added that their political messiah can reunite with nemesis Jose Chameleone anytime but not with Kenzo.