Uganda Police, through the Kampala Metropolitan deputy mouthpiece, Luke Owoyesigyire, has confirmed that they are determined to bring Good Lyf ragamuffin, Weasel Manizo, real name Douglas Sseguya Mayanja, to book!

While addressing members of the press, Afande Owoyesigyire roared, the hunt is on for Weasel to have him arrested over allegations that he had made it a habit to unleash terror on bae, Sandra Teta, whenever the pair have misunderstandings.

This week on Monday, photos showing Sandra Teta with a deformed face were shared on dozens of social media platforms, causing a public uproar. The uproar was further amplified by Daniella Atim, wife of Weasel’s elder bro, Jose Chameleone, who has since championed a campaign to have the Good Lyf star face the law.

Weasel tried to reach out to Daniella in her DM but his plea fell on deaf ears. She instead told him off and continued piling ‘pressure after pressure’ on him until he becomes a better husband.

“Weasel you need to stop, I love you and don’t want you to end up in a bad place. It is not too late to make peace and be a better husband,” the mother-of-five fussed.

Apparently, the bruises had been inflicted on Sandra by Weasel, who followed it up by dumping the couple’s two children at the entrance of Nomads Bar, a popular hangout in Bunga.

Although Teta rushed to her Snapchat and downplayed the issue, claiming that her wounds were as a result of an ambush from goons, who beat her to pulp and disappeared in the nearest tall grass with her valuables, a section of Netizens believe that she is being held at ransom.

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On Wednesday, August, 3, Owoyesigyire confirmed that police detectives on Tuesday went to Weasel’s home in Makindye, Kizingu Zone, looking for him, but he was nowhere to be seen.

“Yesterday a team moved to Weasel’s known home, only a caretaker was found,” Owoyesigyire said during a presser.

The mouthpiece added that the police detectives shall be interviewing Teta on allegations that she is being held at Weasel’s brother, Jose Chameleone’s home, against her will.

“We have information on the alleged victim’s current location and we shall be moving there very soon to ascertain allegations that she is being held against her will in one of the Mayanja family homes,” Owoyesigyire added.

Sources say that Weasel is currently hiding in Kalangalo home village as he waits for the storm to pass.