As Daniella Atim continues to push for the arrest of in-law, Weasel Manizo, over alleged domestic violence against his bae, Sandra Teta, the couple has instead upped their Public Display of Affection (PDA).

For the past one week, Daniella, wife of cerebrated Ugandan music legend Jose Chameleone, who also doubles as Weasel’s elder bro, has championed a campaign to have the Good Lyf remaining half, arrested for allegedly unleashing terror on the mother of his kids, Sandra Teta, whenever he wishes.

Daniella, who relocated to the United States in 2018, has been sharing a series of posts on her Instagram page, calling on the feminists and human rights activists of this world, to pile ‘pressure after pressure’ on Weasel, to have him face the law and also push justice for Sandra, who she claims is under duress.

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This morning, the mother-of-five was at it again, somewhat labelling Weasel a ‘narcissist’ as she continued to caution and advise Sandra to leave her alleged tormentor for the good of her kids.

“Once a narcissist knows you are hooked, they will start to make deals and ‘displays’ which of course all work out in the narcissistic favour.

She is not crazy, she is traumatised.

Let’s break the silence on behalf of all Sandras and Weasels,” Daniella wrote.

Presumably, as a way of countering the relentless Daniella, the two lovebirds have unleashed a raunchy video onto the internet, kissing and making merry, a clear gesture that they are not about to chuck each other, regardless.

In the video, the dreadlocked ragamuffin, who is donning black shades and a yellow designer jacket, lowers his head and locks lips with the visibly jolly Sandra.

Watch video below:

What next for mummy Dannie?

Meanwhile, Weasel has continued to live a normal life amidst the pressure. Actually, yesterday (Friday) he performed at Chameleone’s VIP Legends Nyota Kubwa show, at Cubana Lounge in Munyonyo.

While on stage, he blasted all the people meddling in his family affairs to cut him some slack and put their energies to good use.

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