Gen. Mbadi, chief of defense forces

The Chief of Defence Forces (CDF), Gen. Wilson Mbadi, has called on the officers and men of the Special Forces Command (SFC) and the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) at large to always ensure that they work for the good of Uganda.

Gen. Mbadi made the call today during the handover ceremony of the office of the Commander of SFC, which took place at the SFC headquarters in Entebbe.

The outgoing Commander, Brig. Gen. Felix Busizoori, handed over to Brig. Gen. David Mugisha.

Gen. Mbadi took a group photo with the armed men and women of the SFC at their headquarters in Entebbe (PPU Photo)

“We need to ensure that we contribute towards the good of Uganda. We must always be very serious whenever we are given assignments.

This will enable the President to achieve the broader mission,” Gen. Mbadi said. He called on security personnel to work together to continue keeping Uganda peaceful.

He wished Brig. Gen. Mugisha the best of luck while conducting his work. He reminded the in-coming Commander and the SFC at large of the need to fulfill the tactical obligations in the force.

Gen. Mbadi noted that security is always demanding. He said that training is a priority because it improves soldiers’ efficiency and asked the officers and men to maintain patriotism.

Gen. Mbadi thanked Brig. Busizoori for the work he has done in his short term as the commander SFC.

He called on Brig. Gen. Mugisha to work on the outstanding tasks and asked the rest of the officers to support Mugisha towards accomplishing the set tasks.

On his part, Brig. Gen. Mugisha thanked God for guiding him in service. He saluted the Commander-In Chief (C-I-C) for appointing him to serve as the SFC Commander.

He thanked the CDF for promoting the welfare of the UPDF. He urged all the stakeholders to practice teamwork.

Brig. Gen. Busizoori observed that SFC was created to accomplish specific missions in UPDF. He revealed that SFC officers and men have received training both locally and abroad. He reported that the SFC spouses’ programme has been a success. 

He said during his tour of duty the force has played a role towards the control of the Covid-19 pandemic; they constructed 102 housing units with additional 80 units pending completion, successful VIP protection, renovation and completion of Lunyo barracks, construction of a driving simulator, among others.

He added that he was pleased to note that SFC has demonstrated qualities of good leadership.

The handover was also attended by the Deputy SFC Commander, Brig. Charity Bainababo, Col. John Bosco Asinguza, Col.  Asaph Mweteise, Col. Grant Mugabi, Col. Herbert Nabimanya, Col. Gilbert Owamegyezi, other Commanding officers, Directors, Commandants, Senior and Junior officers in the SFC.