As Daniella Atim, Buchaman’s bae, Maama Ghetto, and a huge section of Netizens are still calling for Weasel Manizo’s head over alleged domestic violence, his kid bro and singer, Pallaso, has also aired out his thoughts on the matter.

This week on Tuesday, Daniella, wife of Jose Chameleone, dashed to her Instagram page and posted a recorded voice note in which under fire Weasel threatens to teach Maama Ghetto a lesson, if she doesn’t desist from poking her nose in his family affairs.

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In her caption, Daniella called out Weasel for being disrespectful, arrogant and being an overly controlling type.

“The type of arrogance the Bible warns you about. Such entitlement, an overwhelming need to control people, such disrespect . Dear good people, be wary of such humans who threaten their way out,” her caption reads.

When Sandra chipped in and asked Daniella and Maama Ghetto to cut her hubby some slack, the mother-of-five was quick to fire back!

“Of course I have seen Sandra running her mouth speaking gibberish while living in Utopia. And that’s completely ok and not surprising. This is exactly why she needs us all, Sandra needs as much Grace as we can all offer her. Let us be patient with her, lets keep encouraging her and even hyping her. We all know she needs it now. Nobody expects it to be easy for her. In fact we sympathise with every Sandra and only hope that they snap out of it just in time for us all to celebrate,” Daniella posted on her wall, a clear sign that she ain’t about to kowtow!

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Pallaso, one of Weasel’s brothers, who has been silent in this saga, has also finally spoken out, disclosing how he feels for Sandra and openly against the battering of women.

Speaking during an interview with Bukedde TV, the self-styled King of the East explained.

“… what I can say is, I stand with Sandra. I don’t believe in men who batter their wives. It is an infamous behaviour which I don’t support,” he said before adding; “since it is an infamous act and we all know how bad it is, we should be very careful when pinning it on someone so quickly. You can pin it on someone when in actual sense that person is innocent and you spoil his or her name. Gather enough evidence before then,” he cautioned.

In the same vein, Pallaso revealed how Sandra Teta told him that her car got a mechanical problem at night when she was heading back home, and goons saw an opportunity to attack and beat her to pulp, disappearing with her valuables.