UPDF urged

President Yoweri Museveni who is also the commander in chief of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) has said that in order to ensure prosperity, Africa must become one market under the spirit of Pan -Africanism which is one of the four core principles of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), others being Patriotism, Socio- Economic Transformation and Democracy.

While delivering a lecture of opportunity to officer cadets of the 2019/2022 intake under refresher training at Kabamba Military Academy, Gen. Museveni noted that some Ugandans have started waking up and are engaging in commercial agriculture which has led to excess production that cannot be absorbed by the small market of Uganda and at times East Africa.

President Museveni has urged UPDF to help push the agenda of East African Federation (PPU Photo)

“Now even patriotism is not enough because we have got excess production. With economic prosperity, Africa must become one market,” Museveni said.

According to the President, although some of the past leaders in Africa like Kwame Nkrumah were talking of having the whole of the African continent under one nation which might not be possible for now, “we also talk of political integration of some of the areas that can be integrated like East Africa where we have so many things in common like the language (Swahili). Under East African Federation, we shall be bigger than India and that will guarantee strategic security.”

That’s why, politically, we support East African Federation.”

Gen. Museveni said the main message of the NRM from the onset is to ensure prosperity and strategic security of Uganda, East Africa and beyond.

On prosperity, the President urged officers to help further his gospel of commercial agriculture so that people have enough production for cash and home consumption. His message was majorly hinged on how to get the best out of the four- acre model of production and cautioning against land fragmentation.

“The message of NRM for your families is to engage in commercial agriculture with calculation. What does this mean? Because if you have got four acres and less of land for the family, there are things you might not do and get money like sugar cane growing on a small piece of land,” Museveni said, adding that it’s the only sure way of wealth creation and employment because Government jobs are not enough for over 40 million Ugandans.

The President also cautioned against sectarianism saying that it’s the biggest enemy hindering prosperity, strategic security and socio-economic transformation.

He also called upon the officers to ensure protection of water catchment areas like wetlands and swamps because these are critical in providing water for irrigation now that Uganda is transforming from solely relying on rainfall for farming.

“We need the swamps with water to irrigate and produce all-year round. That’s why I’m chasing all the people from the swamp,” Gen. Museveni noted.

The lecture of opportunity was delivered to a total of 297 students on officer cadet course of intake 01/2019 and 04/2022, of which 42 officers are ladies who have all completed their syllabus and are now in final preparations for their commissioning.

Uganda Military Academy, Kabamba, aims at preparing and qualifying UPDF cadets to become combat officers capable of commanding their units during times of peace and war, under various psychological, physical and morale conditions. They are also equipped with skills to maintain the highest level of combat efficiency and morale within their units.