Pallaso-Bega Bega

If there is one artist who deserves recognition, it must be Pallaso. He has consistently built a star image, calmly, yet deliberately.

He has ensured that every song of his – whether in audio or visual mode – brings a touch of class, that every ‘work’ of his proves he is not just another Ugandan artiste, but a star! In this latest banger, ‘Bega Bega’, Pallaso brings that ultimate minimalism.

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The song titled ‘Bega Bega’ translated from Luganda to mean ‘serve’, sees the multi-talented musician brag about how he is in love with the fine pretty babe who gives him goosebumps. In ‘Bega Bega’, Pallaso uses distinctive statements to bring to life the exact and perfect picture of the prettiest lover who he says has ‘fire looks’ and a soft body.

‘Bega Bega’ audio was produced by Diggy Baur of Sabula Records in Makindye. This is the fifth song from the reigning Zzina Awards Artist of the Year, with songs like I Need Your Love, Simple Guy, True Love and Sherry, already bossing airwaves.

Enjoy ‘Bega Bega’ below;