Aziz Azion on dating Nana Weber

A bit of the older generation may know Mario’s Song ‘Just a friend’ of 2002.

But just in case, the opening verse goes like:

I want to know your name and
I want to know if you got a man (I want to know)
I want to know everything
I want to know ya number and if I can come over and
I want to know what ya like
I want to know, so I can do it all night..

Well, apparently, RnB legend, Aziz Azion, has been seeing a heavily endowed socialite and Rwandan babe, Nana Webber.

Talks in the corridors were that Aziz threw in a few lines from his ‘Wempisa’ song, after he parted ways with his baby mama named Deby Wadsen.

But appearing on the Zzina Big Bang last Friday, Aziz said Nana is just a friend. Importantly, however, word had earlier moved around that Nana is a married woman. The internet, which they say doesn’t forget has it that Nana is married to an American named Alex Weber.

Asked about the relationship, the bold Aziz said, Nana is just a friend.

Aziz Azion on dating Nana Weber

“That’s my friend. A married person but my friend,” Aziz responded to Prim, the Galaxy FM Evening Rush co-host. “A married person but my friend. You are a married person, aren’t you our friend?” Aziz fired back.

In the following verses of Mario’s song, however, it gets even more interesting.

“You wouldn’t want this kinda guy
‘Cause I stay dipped, I stay laced
And I know you know I’m fly…

Oh baby you (oh baby you)
Got what I need (got what I need)…

You can call me anytime you like (oh anytime)
It doesn’t matter day or night (said it doesn’t matter)
We can do whatever you (oh)
Want to do it’s up to you
Don’t fight the feeling that you feel (don’t fight the feelin)
I can tell that it’s real (oh girl)…

Oh baby you (oh baby you)
Got what I need …..

We can only hope that Aziz isn’t singing along to this song during their friendly moments. Otherwise, the nayru babe, Nana, gat it all!

Aziz Azion on dating Nana Weber

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