Sensationally raising star, Oma Afrikana has today released his anticipated debut single “Nyonyi Nyange”.

“Nyonyi Nyange” is a Luganda word that names the beautiful, Egret, a type of Heron bird.

“Nyonyi Nyange”, is the next entry in a one-of-a-kind discography that showcases the colorful vision, musical ingenuity and undeniable heart of one of the world’s most exciting musical mad scientists.

The fresh talent who phenomenally dubs as a singer-songwriter and record producer, Omah Afrikana was recently praised by the public for his profound lyrics, quirk-pop persona, and over-the-top musical style”, and today’s track, an Afrobeat fusion jam is an important and earnest moment in his groundbreaking career.

Oma Afrikana, Eddy Kenzo, and Martha Mukisa

This was after his exceptional performance on the song “Bikole” with diva Martha Mukisa.

Just like the title attests, “Nyonyi Nyange” a song written by Oma Afrikana himself and produced by Astyn is all about heaping up praises, love showers and confessions for this special woman in his life.

It’s a collection of real-life experiences, the romantic happenings around their relationship, and inspirations he’s carried for such a long while.

Oma Afrikana Biography:

Born real name Kafeero Wumalu, Oma Afriakana hails from Bugembe-Jinja though bred in Kampala and attended high school in Bugiri.

Surprisingly, it’s this year, 2022 that Omah Afrikana’s music journey is starting out at the tender age of 19 moreover, in his Senior Six vacation.

It is the same time for his professional career and getting a major break by signing to Black Magic Entertainment after being groomed by sensational singer Eddy Kenzo at his Big Talent Entertainment music label.

Despite thriving just, months in the professional musical game, Oma Afrikana is cited to become one of the trailblazing global pop innovators in modern music, turning the genre into a colorful fun house of fizzy experimentation.

According to his camp, the anticipated “Afro-Pop genius” has many major collaborations coming through for his fans.