The much-anticipated remix of “Baby Mama” by Oma Afrikana featuring the sensational singer Pallaso has finally hit the airwaves with a captivating music video.

Directed by Brian Lutaaya and with audio production by Ope, the video promises a visual feast for fans of both artists. Oma Afrikana’s original version of “Baby Mama” was released five months ago and has since garnered a massive number of views on YouTube.

Renowned for his musical prowess, Pallaso kicks off the remix with an outstanding intro, declaring, “This is a big song, you better make it your ringtone. Everybody, can you hear me now?” His electrifying presence sets the stage for what promises to be a memorable rendition.

Following Pallaso’s lead, Oma Afrikana steps in with the first verse, showering romantic words upon his beautiful ‘Baby Mama,’ who seems to have an irresistible hold over him.

Oma Afrikana, a talented singer and songwriter, has been steadily making waves in the Ugandan music scene for the past two years. With hits like “Baby Mama” under his belt, his career trajectory seems unstoppable.