Oma Afrikana has decided to set the 2024 baseline. And if ‘Shakira’ is to be the baseline, then it’s raised the standards for 2024 club bangers…and yes, if this song fails to hit the ground rolling and leaves Oma Afrikana as he is as of now, I will put the blame on his management for not pushing.

Forget the exciting visuals, the magic is in the audio production. Both the artist and the producer did justice to the song as they perfectly executed their tasks.

Of course the video too- it is a low budget one but make no mistake- it is the layering of every moment, and the transitions between cuts.

It is the kind of video we put under the category of ‘ki-video’, the kind of munched up concepts, everything passes, everything goes, all it seeks is a free-spirit expression. And the video achieves that expression.

Because from the fashion, the camera angles, the onlookers, everyone is in some other world. Think of it as a fusion of worlds, cooking too many concepts and then boom, you have ‘Shakira’ banger.

Watch the video below and be the judge;