Oma Afrikana by Baby Mama

It is the decrepit structures, the play with multiple characters, the combination of all the different dances, and the fact that Oma Afrikana still stands out, it is the mark of a great video director.

The ability to not sacrifice art when faced with the tirade of numbers.

That green algae growing on the flooring, the two characters in woolen white, and then the transitions to the next scenes. A lot is happening in this music video, and you must be attentive not to miss the details.

You always must rewind to be certain you have not missed a crucial detail, a comical one, a strip here and there. Then it leads us into the scenes where two lovers (Oma Afrikana and bae), chilling on a metallic chair but chooses not to lock us there.

It peaks with the day scenes, with outstanding choreography. As with all great art, the observer makes meaning.

Shot on a sunny and summer-themed location, the video features a host of pretty girls and dancers with big backsides all displaying their endowments just as the song itself suggests.

Watch Oma Afrikana Baby Mama video below;