Oma Afrikana has decided to set the 2024 baseline. And if ‘Wagwaako Nze Aliko’ is to be the baseline, then it’s raised the standards for 2024 audio and music videos.

The magic is in the visual composition of this video, it’s the layering of every moment, and the transitions between cuts.

The video is clean in the sense that it’s a two-people love story. Every other extra comes in to enhance the story of these two-lovers. It is one of the music videos one can enjoy watching without sound and you get the message. Oma Afrikana brags about snatching a juicy lovely babe from a reckless chap who used to mistreat her.

“Jewava nze aliyo (bagoba nze aliko) Wagwako nze ndiko ( wagwako nze ndiko)Signal zagwako kwe Ariel, Walaga omukuto ( walaga omukuto)… She’s now so beauty and sweeter Namusako ka bread and batter Buli kyasaba omwana ndeta Ndeta ndeta ndeta Yali abulako abika e sweater,” the talented singer, who is signed under Black Magic Records, croons.

And the lady in the video, she’s in her element. She doesn’t have to force anything, she simply fits in. Kudos to videographer and Director, Brian Lutaaya.