Ever since socialite Zari Hassan laid a trap and hooked boyfriend, Shakib Cham, she’s undoubtedly enjoying the best of her life.

She and Shakib have been painting the internet streets red, enjoying romance like they are living in the last days.

Literally, Shakib always turns up the vibe, something that has made Zari forget about her past worst experiences.

In fact, recently during an interview, the 42-year-old tried and tested socialite disclosed that Shakib understands her well and knows which button to press to put her in the mood.

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The two lovebirds are often on the next flight to either swanky resort beaches to make merry and strengthen their bond or partying and enjoying the nightlife.

About a fortnight ago, they blessed netizens with fire shots while celebrating love at a certain swanky resort.

Since then, the couple has been somewhat off the internet streets not until today, Wednesday, when Shakib posted a video of him and Zari on his Instagram page.

In the well edited video, Zari, who is looking gorgeous in a black tight dress, and Shakib looking clean in a white T-shirt and navy blue trousers, dance ‘munyigo squeeze’ in a night club as a wild and free couple warms up for the festive season.

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Watch the video below;