Following months of silence, singer Rickman Manrick has finally commented on allegations that his sweetheart, Sheilah Gashumba, strayed while in Rwanda.

The dreadlocked star says that he has never been moved by any infidelity rumours linked to partner in passion, Sheilah.

Several months ago, Sheilah Gashumba a.k.a Lil Stunner was involved in a social media spat with ex-boyfriend, God’s Plan.

On a mission to somewhat smear her with cow dung and put her to shame following the breakup, God’s Plan named entertainers who apparently smashed Sheilah.

Since then, the NBS After5 pundit has been taunted and ridiculed by Netizens. They have always connected the dots whenever they see her next to a man, with others claiming that she and Ruger shared the cookie.

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In fact, the rumours hit the roof when she followed Ruger to Kigali, Rwanda, after the star singer’s performance in Uganda. Sheilah would later explain that she has a working relationship with Mr. Dior.

And as you may know, online in-laws are experts at ‘cutting and slicing words’, they soon made Rickman a meal to taunt and mock.

Reacting to a question about the same issue on Friday, during an interview with Mr. Henrie of Midmorning Tukoone, Rickman stressed that he wasn’t bothered at all, reasoning that he knows that both his ‘Angel’ and Ruger are in the entertainment industry and that such baseless talk is bound to arise always.

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He further explained the rumour affected Sheilah’s PR work for several Nigerian artists and she put a halt to it.

To be honest, it never bothered me. I know this is an entertainment industry where such talks are always bound to arise. It also affected her PR career,” said Rickman.

The singer also added that he’s still broke to legalize his relationship with Sheilah, not ready to have kids with Sheilah. 

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