Onsanze Ndaba by Kataleya and Kandle

Kataleya and Kandle do not seem to be fazed by the doubting Thomases as they keep dropping good music on the bounce. This year’s fresh tune from the female duo is “Onsanze Ndaba,” a mid-tempo track co-written and produced by Nessim in Shotgun Studios.

The song is about a player who is only his prey’s Sumbie -in simple terms- to ‘eat and run’, with no intentions of legalizing the relationship. However, all the player’s moves are busted before he strikes!

The production is synonymous with West African productions, but that does not take away its freshness in the ears of the listener.

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Although they have been mocked and advised to fine-tune their voices, especially during stage performances in the past, Kataleya and Kandle do exceptionally well on the vocals on this project, “Onsanze Ndaba”, balancing the mood transitioning from the first verse to the chorus.

Deep into the song, background vocals come in on selected parts not to crowd the audio. Unlike the duo’s recent releases such as Nyash, Halleluyah and Tonafuya , “Onsanze Ndaba” is not a go down low and sweat it out kind of song, it is rather ideal for listening to.

Checkout Onsanze Ndaba by Kataleya and Kandle below;