If there is a youthful musical zeitgeist, then Kataleya and Kandle are holding the emblem. It is the fact that they are what Obsessions was to Uganda back in the days, giving culture a nudge.

Kataleya and Kandle embody the new Ugandan liberalism. They express that liberalism on the front lines of their music videos. For example, choosing to perform in their swimsuits in this video and openly doing it.

It is a music video you will enjoy mostly because it shows you the new age, the new youthful freedom, a freedom so lively, so carefree. I had to watch this video for their new song ‘Katono’ a couple of times because one scene kept playing in my eyes. That one of the lively vixens who execute everything according to plan!

Plus, That scene as Kataleya and Kandle donning yellow and Maroon, grooving to the beat. It is a music video that rocks you straight to the heart. It represents a fire.

Watch Katono video below and have a blast!