First of all, Lugaflo rapper Fik Fameica and budding female music duo, Kataleya & Kandle, have a new jam titled, Pose. But since the visuals are already out, allow me to just concentrate on just that, at least for today.

This video is everything you could wish for in a music video. It’s catchy, it’s upbeat, it’s an escape, it’s simply a mood, aka a vibe! It hooks you with the fashion-centric theme. Then throws you in the middle of a ‘Nyungu Ya Mawe’, but this time, a green forest to begin with.

Then you have the three podium erected in river for Fik Fameica and the duo, Kataleya & Kandle, each painted different, and below, you have the dancers moving with perfection. It’s fast-paced, so fast, that you can’t notice any error. You only need to be ready for what it has to offer.

Finally, you get hit by Kataleya & Kandle, plus Fameica’s upbeat energy. If you’re down, then this video will give you the uplift. Once again, you only must be ready to Pose. The video speaks to afro-modernism with a spice of a hippy culture.

Watch Pose below;

The outfits were made by Charma Couture