Viper Ranking undoubtedly has a bone to pick with renowned city events MC and media personality, Edwin Katamba a.k.a MC Kats.

He’s been silent about it but now he felt it was high time he revealed it in a blockbuster interview with the budding Midmorning Tukoone presenter, Mr Henrie.

Without mincing words, Viper Ranking reveals that when he was still hustling as an upcoming artist, he so badly needed an interview on NBS After 5, hosted by MC Kats and Douglas Lwanga.

However, to Viper’s surprise, Kats ordered him to cough dime and get his songs played on Trace Muzik and Sound City, instead. Viper says he did just that, and even went on to send him proof of payment!

According to the dancehall star, Kats agreed to meet him and his team at Wave Lounge.

Vyper grabbed a boda but on reaching there Kats wasn’t available. They were told together with his team that he was at Acacia.

Without delay they went to Acacia and found him there. He got so mad when he saw Vyper Ranking and asked why it was a man yet they had told him it’s a woman.

Without any sort of preparation, he handed him the mic and told him to freestyle. The upcoming singer then had to pretend all was fine and go on with his groove.

As soon as they went for a short commercial break, Kats told Vyper Ranking to go to Wave. The singer called a boda boda which angered Kats. He asked him why he had called a boda and then instructed him to walk.

The team arrived at Wave and Kats continued his negative attitude towards the singer. They did the interview on a Tuesday at After 5 but still Kats wasn’t impressed.

It was at this time that NBS introduced its Katch Up show and Vyper got selected amongst the inaugural performers…and boom! Hell broke loose!

Well, we will not fuss much, hear it from the horse’s mouth.