Part-time singer and TV star Crysto Panda is a man of many talents. However, during his performances and interactions with fellow artist Sheebah Karungi, he remains unaffected in one particular aspect.

In a recent interview with Galaxy T.V’s Mr. Henrie, Panda openly discussed his lack of physical response when touching Sheebah’s gorgeous body during their captivating dance moves on music shows.

“I didn’t feel anything,” Panda admitted when asked about his initial experience of touching Sheebah Karungi. “And she had a great body during lockdown… she had an amazing physique… but I don’t experience any sensations,” he narrated.

Their professional collaboration began three years ago when Sheebah joined Panda to remix his hit song “Kyoyina Omanya.” Since then, they have shared numerous stage performances, always leaving the audience captivated.

Panda confessed that he used to feel apprehensive about touching the charismatic singer, until she reassured him that it was acceptable. “I used to be intimidated by her… even afraid to make physical contact, but she encouraged me to touch her,” he said.

When asked about his feelings for Sheebah, Panda declined to provide a direct response, acknowledging her status as a public figure. “We are discussing a prominent artist here,” he explained. “There are certain things you can express, and others you cannot.”

On the other hand, Sheebah Karungi is never hesitant to celebrate her attractive physique. “I am a confident and alluring woman, and I have no reservations about acknowledging it… I am beautiful,” she has proudly declared. “I take pride in myself and my roots. I adore my body and I encourage every woman to embrace and love their own bodies, regardless of shape.”