Allien Skin puts up a concert at Freedom City on the very day Pallaso will be holding The Love Fest Show At Lugogo

Over the weekend, Uganda’s most controversial singer Mulwana Patrick popularly known as Allien Skin shocked Netizens when he announced that he will be holding a concert on the 9th of June, the same day that singer Pallaso shall be having his long awaited Love Fest Concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Using his official Instagram account, Allien Skin made it know that he will be rivaling Pallaso for people on the very day he will be mashing up Lugogo Cricket Oval.

“Weekend Plot kano kasiki ka Nkwacho festival, Sitya Danger Concert” Allien Skin posted on Instagram.

Although the self-proclaimed ‘Kibanda’ boy didn’t give reasons for staging a concert on short notice, many believe it is his soft way of taking vengeance against Pallaso who beat him up 8 days ago.