‘I won’t be bullied’…Uncle Pallaso finally reveals reason why he beat up Allien Skin as kibanda boy puts up concert on same with him

Singer Pius Mayanja popularly known as Pallaso has finally come out and hinted at some of the reasons why he lost his cool and beat up fellow musician Allien Skin.

In a short TikTok video making rounds online, the self styled king of the East explains how Allien Skin had developed a habit of beating up every one that annoys or disagrees with him.

The free towering singer then went ahead to allege that he couldn’t sit back and watch Allien try to disrespect him and thus the reason why he lost his cool and beat him up like a p.2 kid

“You have seen some one trying to bully different people in society. He bullied Kayz. He beat up a bouncer and tried to do the same with me but I’m not bulliable. Let every one who plans on bullying me come knowing he will get a reaction” Pallaso said in 2 minutes video

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