Suspected members of the notorious Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) unleashed terror in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park on Tuesday night.

Two foreign tourists and a Ugandan national paid the ultimate price in a gruesome ambush on Katwe Road, a path between Lake Nyamununka and Kabatooro within the Kasese district.

The attackers spared no mercy, not only taking lives but also setting a Land Cruiser, with the registration number UBF 303C and belonging to Wild Gorilla Safaris, ablaze. The trio that is said to include was gunned down by their assailants and left lying dead in a pool of blood, reportedly, for several hours.

Uganda Tourism Board Spokesman Bashir Hangi declined to divulge the identities of the victims but confirmed that they include a Ugandan, a British citizen, and a South African traveler.

Fred Enanga, the ever-vigilant Police Spokesperson, confirmed this heart-wrenching tragedy with a tweet that echoed through the nation:

“We’ve witnessed a heinous terrorist attack on two innocent tourists and a local in the heart of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Lives were lost, and a safari vehicle turned into ashes. Our fearless security forces swiftly sprung into action upon receiving the distress call, hot on the heels of the ruthless ADF rebels. Our deepest condolences go out to the grieving families.”

He says a hunt for the culprits is on.

Earlier on Sunday, President Yoweri Museveni, revealed that Ugandan forces carried out air strikes against ADF positions ,Two explosive devices that the ADF rebels were planning to plant in the churches of Kibibi ( were reported to the police and defused.

The President warned that the ADF could “attempt to commit random acts of terrorism” in Uganda following these air strikes.