14 young thugs aged between 12 and 25 have been captured in Njeru division for spreading terror and robbing locals.

Acting on intel, the operation spanned key areas like Njeru Hared Petrol Station, Wampala zone, Njeru West ward, Njeru central, and Nile Lower Nara zone.

Caught off guard, the suspects were found in possession of an array of tools like knives, break-in gear, and even narcotics like Marijuana.

Police spokesman Fred Enanga revealed the gang’s modus operandi, stating they operated in small groups, targeting innocent victims with knife-point muggings and brazen robberies.

Enanga said the gang attacks, particularly in notorious spots like Forever Resort, engaging in activities ranging from muggings to window-smashing grab attacks.

The arrested suspects include names like Baluka Francis, Senyongo Asraf, Odeya James, Runamanyire Sam, Muhaya Hassan, Gumisiriza James, Yusuf Ziwa, Omaset Victor, Ogenrwoth Fortunate, Matovu Yasin, Lugya Micheal, Lule Muhammed, Okumu Peter, Onen Franco and Anguyo Ronnie, all allegedly part of a criminal ring wreaking havoc in the area.

He explained that this swift police operation, carried out on 8.01.2024, aimed at curbing the rising menace posed by these young delinquents.