Police in Sembabule district have arrested a 28-year-old man and his wife for conspiring to kill an elder brother over stolen matooke.

Fred Enanga, the Uganda Police Spokesperson, says the suspects, identified as Wasswa Emmanuel and his wife Nabyesero Oliver, 24, both residents of Lwembogo “B,” Lwebitakuli sub-county, battered the deceased to death after he accused the couple of repeatedly trespassing into his banana garden to steal.

On the fateful day, November 11, 2023, Enanga explains that the deceased, named Rugarambi Bazirio, stormed the couple’s residence to complain about how fed up he was with their acts of theft. He even threatened to report them to the police for taking his matooke without permission.

However, as fate would have it, luck was not on his side, as the two heartless in-laws ganged up against him, beating him to death.

Police are currently holding the suspects at Sembabule CPS on charges of murder, awaiting their appearance in court.

Locals, who preferred anonymity, claim the greedy couple would cut two bunches of bananas daily from the garden without mercy or consideration.