A private security guard from Absolute Guard Services is now on the run after allegedly gunning down a civilian, Andrew Tumwebaze,24, over a meager 2000 shillings debt.

Eyewitnesses recall a heated confrontation on Sunday evening between Isa Warigo, the suspect and his victim, Andrew Tumwebaze, both residing at the same neighborhood.

The dispute worsened as Warigo accused Tumwebaze of deliberately failing to settle a debt of 2000 shillings, loaned to him the previous Friday. Warigo, in a fit of rage, grabbed his fully loaded rifle and unleashed gunfire at Tumwebaze, fatally hitting him in the head and chest.

He later fled the scene, abandoning his gun alongside the lifeless body of his neighbor, lying in a pool of blood.

Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, revealed that detectives have recovered the murder weapon at the scene, and Tumwebaze’s body has been transported to Mulago City Mortuary.

“We have recovered a gun, which he abandoned at the murder scene. We appeal to whoever has details that could help us arrest Warigo to secretly avail them to us,” urged Owoyesigyire.

Owoyesigyire has cautioned security guards, against taking matters into their own hands. He cited several similar cases in the Kampala Metropolitan area and emphasized the need for restraint and adherence to the law.