Skillful Muzzinyi Mr Henrie has finally opened up on his entanglement with Geosteady’s ex baby mama Prima Kardash. Henri and Prima have in the recent past been sighted together on several occasions thus raising people’s eyebrows.

Henrie talks about his entanglement with Prima

Sources close to the self proclaimed King Of The voice, have always tipped us that indeed Prima is the one rearing his reptile. In an exclusive interview with the mighty Zzina Website, he tried to dodge and refute the bonking allegations, reducing his relationship with Prima to ‘business partnership’.

The Midmorning Tukoone star claimed he and Prima have a YouTube show together called The Talk. When pressed harder to at least be realistic for once in a lifetime and tell the truth, Henrie Sheepishly accepted to have swam through Mama Lusaniya’s deep waters, not once but countless times.  In the same interview, he praised Prima’s remarkable Zzina skills she showcases while playing the ‘Bedminton’ game!

“…Prima is more than  just you guys see! She is not only a very inspiring and motivating woman but also have every thing the a man can crave for full package. Thanks be to God for enabling me have a chance to share beautiful and Memorable moments with her…”, he said with a smile.

Mr. Henrie and Prima

Henrie went ahead to advice Bazzinyi to take risks and never settle for less as they chase their dreams. He also added that most babes of prima’s age are only into slaying and searching for loaded guys which ain’t cool.

By Shibrah