Bobi Wine’s right hand man and singing partner Nubian Li has called out all NUP ‘Komuledis in the stulago’ to remain strong as he awaits to be set free.

Nubi in the dock

In a letter dated 2/11/ 2021 which is making rounds on social media, Nubian who is currently remanded at Kitalya Maximum prison reminds everyone who still believes in Bobi Wine to remain hopeful that soon him and other disciples will attain their freedom.

He goes on to brag how he and colleagues will never back down as they long for New Uganda.

“We are strong, hopeful and prayerful that soon we gonna be out of here. Just know bano tebalina kyebatugamba  anti twasalawo kulumba nalo boi”, the now bold headed star who recently lost his trademark dreadlocks roars.

Nubi’s letter

Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe and the colleagues were charged with illegal possession of four rounds of ammunition according to court.

The prosecution stated that the 49 suspects and others still at large on January 3, at Makerere Kavule Kigundu zone, were found in possession of four rounds of ammunition which is a monopoly of the Defense Forces.

Mutwe looked worse for wear at the court!

At least 13 out of 49 supporters were granted bail on 8th this month. However, court further remanded Nubian and Mutwe  after state told court that their sureties were not substantial enough.

Those whose bail application was objected by the state will return to court on 15th February  when Gen Gutti is expected to deliver his ruling.