Nubian Li’s wife denies copying Barbie

Last week on Friday, singer Nubian Li’s wife Gloria Shiko Mutoni showed off a special tattoo baring her man’s pic on her back.

Nubian Li’s wife Gloria showed off a special tattoo

Apparently, Gloria Shiko, who was declared winner of the LC3 seat in Kyanja Parish endured pain as she had her back inked just to show solidarity the Nubian Li who is currently on remand in Kitalya Prison.

Nubian Li together with other NUP disciples have now spent months on remand in Kitalya prison for political reasons. They were arrested in December last year while on Bobi Wine’s campaign trail in Kalangala district.

Perhaps having Nubian’s pic permanently inked on her skin was the only way Gloria could show her man she truly cares and stands with him no matter the weather.

However, a section of Netizens were quick to conclude that the mother of three just copied Bobi Wine’s wife, Barbie Kyagulanyi to have her back pierced too.

Barbie had Bobi’s pic tattooed on her back

Most of them claimed that Gloria wouldn’t have endured the pain she was subjected to if she hadn’t borrowed a leaf from her pal Barbie who also has a pic of Bobi permanently inked on the gorgeous back. Barbie got Bobi’s pic tattooed on her back in 2011 as she geared up for their wedding ceremony.

But now Nubian Li’s wife, Gloria has responded to Netizens, claiming that had the tattoo out of her will and feelings.

“I didn’t copy Barbie in anyway. I did it willingly because that’s how i felt”, Gloria confirmed.

The couple has spent over 14 years together bonking tubeless, Gloria reveals.

“we met 14 years ago. I was staying at a hostel along Sir Apollo and he had a friend there. His friend was my friend too because we were neighbors. I was in my second year by then,” she narrates before adding.

“So we used to exchange greetings; hello…..hello…whenever he visited his friend. That’s how it started. We became friends and friendship birthed other things.”