Bobi Wine’s singing partner, Nubian Li, has released a love song titled Wedding Ring, a fortnight after tying the knot with stunning wife, Mutoni Salha Shiko.

Nubian and Mutoni looked stunning on their wedding

Upon release, Nubian noted;

“I did this song to celebrate my LOVE for my wife and I performed it to her on our wedding day. It was a surprise to her since she was hearing it for the first time. This video includes captions of the events of our wedding day. Produced by Tryton at Fire Records.”

Bobi Wine has also already endorsed the beautiful song. The National Unity Platform (NUP) Honcho posted on his Facebook page, which has over two million followers.

“My singing partner and comradeNubian Li composed this song to celebrate and honour his long-time partner Mutoni Shiko. Please watch it through this link and feel free to also share it with your comrade honey.”

Nubian composed a beautiful song titled Wedding Ring for wife

Nubian Li has been Bobi Wine’s singing partner over the years and just like Barbie, who has a gigantic tattoo of her husband’s portrait, Salha Mutoni borrowed a leaf.

Here is the song, enjoy it.

Nubian and Salha have been together for thirteen years and they have three children together.

The couple secured their bonking future as they exchanged vows at Kibuli Mosque on Sunday, October 10, 2021.

The wedding could have happened much earlier, but Nubian Li had been incarcerated at Kitalya Prison for months and on being released, his wife had been elected as the winner of the LC3 seat in Kyanja Parish.