Nubian Li’s wife speaks out after court renders them homeless

Last week, we came to learn that singer Nubian Li, together with his family are on the verge of being thrown out of their home located in Kulambiro, a Kampala suburb, following a court order to vacate the house.

A lady identified as Kayondo Rose came out accusing Nubian Li of conniving with her husband, Kayondo Moses, to take her land, with allegations that the singer, who doubles as Bobi Wine’s right hand man, dubiously acquired the property in 2018.

According to Rose, the wife to Kayondo Moses, the hubby sold their plot of land, with a house without her consent after forging her signature. Rose further explained that she was the main contributor, using ‘Sente ye’kikazi’ when they were purchasing that plot in 1998. She explained that after knowing that her man had backstabbed her, she dragged him and Nubian to courts of law.

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Since 2011, Rose and Nubian have been battling until 2018 when the court ruled that Nubian bought the land illegally and that he should vacate the house.

“My husband sold the house or home to Nubian Li without my consent. They forged my signature… Court ruled that Nubian and his family should vacate the house but refused and instead demolished it and constructed a flat,” Rose lamented.

On April 29, court yet again ordered Nubian to vacate the house immediately and compensate Rose 26m in damages, but his wife Mutoni Shiko is out here with claims that she is not aware of anything in that regard. In an interview with a local News website, Mutoni deemed the court order as just ‘mere rumours’.

“Those rumours were there many years ago, and they died away. I’m sure this baseless talk will come to an end,” Nubian Li’s wife said.