Seems Mr. Henrie’s daily snack, Prima Kardashi is not selfish in nature. Prima is this kinda a type of babe who can never remain mute on something important or advice that can as well help other mates in life just in case.

Prima Kardashi selfish in nature

The ‘kizigo’ queen who seems to be living a very happy bonking life after break up with Geosteady has tipped and encouraged fellow women to do whatever thing that can make them happy in life.

She says people especially Ugandans can never cease to comment or trash someone doing good in life. Prima claims that when it comes to relationships, a section of the public always finds ridiculous reasons to attack lovebirds.

“…let me tell you guys, do what you want…marry who you want to marry because Ugandans if you date a man they will say he is too old or young and broke. When come up with a business idea or a job they will still trash it and smear it with pupu. When you dress up decently or skimpily the will still find away of commenting negatively”, she says before adding;

“Even if you fell head over heels for a man, they will still that you tight-mark him. So what someone needs to do is to always doing what you want as long as your happy and glowing”, she says in a TikTok clip which has since gone viral on social media.

Prima encourages babes to always do what they want

Prima Kardashi has faced heavy criticism in recent past from a section of online in-laws for trapping Muzzinyi, Mr. Henrie’s monster reptile. Some of them especially slay queens think that Henrie would be theirs to bonk if it wasn’t Prima’s tasty beans. and bedroom skills.

The couple is willing to take things on the next level according to sources. It is alleged that they now sleep under the same roof as hubby and wifey, playing the famous bedminton.

Follow the link below and watch Prima’s advice to fellow babes;