You know Ugandans talk to much about people most especially those in love but hey! Don’t you dare poke your noses in Caroline Marcah and MC Kats relationship if you still want peace.

Don’t you dare attack Caroline Marcah over MC Kats

Caroline Marcah claims she will not tolerate any attacks towards her just because she is moving out with the celebrated Dance-hole king.

The visibly determined Spark TV presenter opens up that she is more than ready to teach a huge lesson to who ever plans to make her a topic of discussion over boyfriend and TV host MC Kats.

“If people attack me or if there is anyone planning to attack me, they won’t be the first to do so because have been in this industry for quite long.

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“It won’t be the first time to be attacked about different matters but trust i will deal with any person who dares me”, the curvy gossip monger swore in Jesus’ name.

For starters, MC Kats confirmed that he has a thing for Carol when he shared her pic on his socials with sweet and lovely words.

“a man is always happy whenever his wife is happy”, the caption read.

Kats says he is happy coz of Caroline

Like on mission to scare off men who could be out there eyeing Carol’s juicy bearded meat, Kats further organized a special Birthday party for her using his hard earned dime at Macknon Suits in Nakasero, Kampala.

The pompous ‘ka party’ was only for invited and trusted few pals. Much as he and Caroline Marcah often tried to hold back on their bonk plans to go public, even a blind could see their public display affection.

They rolled eyes, whispered sweet nothings to each other and they sat in a suggestive position, often using their legs to communicate. The chemistry between the pair was just on point.

No tense or friction was evidenced between the youthful media personalities. They took time off to get giggy when the DJ played singer Pallaso’s hit love song, Malamu.