Muzzinyi Precious Remmie left her mum and son over joyed after treating them to a short vacation to Dubai during Easter Weekend.

Remmie, mum and son at Entebbe Airport before setting off

Last week on Good Friday, Precious Remmie aka Ray P dag deep in to her pockets to complete the surprise she had planned for long for her lovely mother and 7 year old son, Mpagi Prince.

Off to Entebbe Airport they went, ahead of a long flight to Dubai where they stayed for three days, enjoying the breeze of the beach and other Easter enjoyments.

Remmie and mum in Dubai

Remmie has lots of friends in Dubai and it must have been a short holiday to remember but such an unforgettable experience for her mother.

The renown media personality did not forget to share a couple of photos on her social media pages.

Check them out below:

Remmie queening in Dubai
Remmie shared a couple of photos on her social media pages