Actress Precious Remmie has been bonking with her sweetheart, Raymond Bideeba, for over forty eight months now.

Remmie a.k.a Ray P and the flashy Bindeeba even successfully collected their parents’ blessing after going through a colorful introduction. But the couple has since played bedminton, home and away but their sweat ain’t paying off, something that has made social media in-laws to make them a meal to taunt and mock.

Remmie admits that she feels overwhelmed by the thorough beating from nosy Netizens, who continually pile pressure on her to bake something in the oven.

Remmie further discloses that she does not possess the divine powers to predict the exact time of her giving birth, before she expresses her distress over the unfavourable comments directed towards her.

With tears rolling down her cheeks, Remmie makes it known that she is confident that her prayers will be answered and that she will be blessed with a bundle of joy anytime soon.

She mentioned in an interview with a local television channel;

“I feel tormented when people demand that I get pregnant. I understand it’s my responsibility, but I have no control over it. I do everything within my power and leave the rest to God. I am confident that I will get pregnant anytime, any day.”

Precious Remmie already has a baby boy from her previous relationship.

Watch the video below;