Precious Remmie is now a proud employee of moneybags Kin Kariisa’s Next Media, to be precise, Sanyuka TV.

Precious Remmie officially joins Sanyuka TV

The 28-year-old TV gal made a big-money switch from Nation Media’s Spark TV to Sanyuka TV and she cannot just keep calm.

Taking to her Instagram page, with over 290,000 followers, Precious Remmie thumped her chest and bragged about how she is destined for greatness.

“This gal here is destined for greatness. Congs gal, I am so proud of you not even the sky is the limit, Go Smash it. Guys help me congratulate her for joining the winning team@NextMedia. She really deserves it#Hardwork#Patience#Newhome#nextmedia,” she captioned the photos, in which she stands next to boss, Kin Kariisa.

Precious Remmie joins Sanyuka TV

Remmie is not the only latest fish Kin Kariisa has netted. Anna Taylor also joins the Next Media conglomerate from Bukedde TV.

Anne Taylor has been working on a music show while Ray P has been working on a gossip show. However, it is not yet clear whether they are still going to fall in the same caliber at Next Media.

With all this, it doesn’t seem as though Kin Kariisa, the CEO of Next Media, is about to stop. In fact, some of his employees were asking their fans to guess who else is being brought on board.

Remmie brags, “this gal here is destined for greatness” soon after joining Kin Kariisa’s media conglomerate

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The main question is, how come it’s so easy for employees to move from their former stations to Next Media. What are the others not doing right?

It looks as if Next Media is building a media empire while other companies are steadily looking on without flinching in any way.

Media Personalities such as Douglas Lwanga, MC Kats, Annatalia Oze, Zahara Totto and many others were all lured to join the Naguru-based TV station from Nation Media.