Bobi Wine armoured car

Former presidential candidate, Bobi Wine through his lawyers failed to secure a temporary injunction stopping the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) from recalling his armoured car for verification.

Bobi Wine efforts to save his car from reassessment flop

Bobi Wine had petitioned court seeking the injunction barring the URA and its agents enforcing the letter calling for the Toyota Landcruiser, registration number UBF 667 F for a re-verification process.

Abel Kagumire, the Commissioner for Customs wrote a letter demanding that Bobi surrenders the said ride after reports emerged that the politician didn’t declare that the vehicle was armored during the assessment exercise.

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“The above-mentioned motor vehicle was declared to customs as an ordinary motor vehicle, instead of an armored motor vehicle, the implication of which is that the vehicle was under-valued at 157,925,502/=” partly read Kagumire’s letter.

Bobi Wine to unwillingly surrender his car to URA after court ruling

But hhrough his lawyers, Wameli & Company advocates, the NUP darling refused to hand over his much treasured Big Black Toy for re-examination.

In a letter dated 26th, Feb, 2021, specifically addressing The Commissioner Customs, the lawyers informed the Revenue body that their client objects the recall of the monster machine for re-examination.

The lawyers educated the Commissioner Customs that the Revenue body do not have ‘automatic powers to re-examine goods which were already in their custody’ more so when the goods had been examined before.

Bobi Wine’s lawyers wrote to URA

After refusing to kowtow, Bobi dragged URA to court to thwart their move of impounding the armoured car. He further demanded that the Revenue body compensate him with 150 million shillings.

However in his ruling, Justice Emmanuel Baguma on Tuesday, April 6 said Bobi failed to produce evidence illustrating that re-calling the vehicle for re-verification will cause him harm that cannot be compensated. Therefore, he dismissed the application.

This means that Bobi Wine will have to abide by the law and surrender his much treasured bullet proof car to authorities for re-evaluation without fail.