MC Kats had been in love lately. The After 5 presenter has since the time he parted ways with singer Fille Mutoni been up and about his business of finding a new partner, a one Caroline Marcah who works with Nation media’s Spark TV.

He has according to sources landed a sassy curvy Marcah who has since been flaunting herself around the city and causing scrotal eruption among the men. 

Many wondered why Marcah chose to love MC Kats of all people despite the fact that the pair have never been able to openly declare their love for each other. However, we can read between the lines and know that the pair are up to. 

Caroline Marcah

Now the recent photos and videos have revealed to us why MC Kats was quick to swim into Carolyn’s oil well. The girl has work!

In a photos and clip that is making rounds on social media, Caroline Marcah having a good time with friends at a party while donning a white jumpsuit amazed the viewers though is the kitone that lies between Carol’s legs.

Caroline’s sumbie excites netizen

Her underworld is seen bulging and peeping seductively which had left fans and men all around the city licking their lips.