Muzzinyi Mr. Henrie of Galaxy FM Midmorning Tukoone has shared an exclusive video of him and girlfriend Prima Kardashi on his socials.

In the video, she unleashes rare dancing skills as the young couple gets jiggy ob TOK’s Chi Chi Man’s dance hall jam. Clad in a black sexy Lingerie with a white see-throw designer net, Prima, a mother of two rolls her waits like a caterpillar as boo salivates.

Kardashi and Henrie in eating life Dubai

The couple flew out on Sunday to Dubai for a short Baecation. Apparently, Prima will introduce Henrie to her parents soon after they jet back.

To start bonking Mr Henrie, she dumped R nb sensatuional, Geosteady, a father of her two kids.

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Check out the clip below;