Precious Remmie’s song resurfaces…

Do you know that Muzzinyi Precious Remmie aka Ray P of the Mighty Morning Saga was once a singer?

Remmie-‘Omukazi Tadiba’

Well the stunning Radio personality was one of the budding upcoming female musician in Uganda around 2010.

She is one of the very few promising star who threatened to displace the likes of Juliana Kanyomozi and Irene Namubiru. Ray P was a Diamond in the rough- young, fresh, hot, gorgeous and super talented.

Her angelic voice could give male fans goosebumps and leave competitors with envy. Trust us she had all what it takes to musically raise our UG flag from border to border and beyond but for reasons only known to herself, she dumped her childhood dream of becoming African leading female superstar.

Before then, sources close to her intimate that she was very determined to bring home a Grammy and BET Award.

‘Omukazi Tadiba

As we report this, Precious Remmie, is now one of the outstanding TV and Radio queens who only dances to substandard and half-baked songs! Make no mistake, this current crop of new artists couldn’t run shoulders with her in terms of vocal ability and natural talent. Perhaps Remmie just chose to do other things and give them space after all the competition was dead.

Well, to prove the ‘doubting Tomath’ wrong, we have one of her platinum record selling songs with City Rock Entertainment, titled ‘Omukazi Tadiba‘. This song was dropped on Market after she had just joined City Rock Entertainment as the group lead singer.

‘Omukazi Tadiba, produced by Washington bossed the airwaves countrywide-thanks to Precious Remmie’s immense and unreal talent

Check it out;
Precious Remmie’s song

Watch here the full song;