Round Bottomed Slay Queen Flings & Bounces Her Booty As She Dances On John Blaq’s New Banger

It was only yesterday afternoon when I published an article detailing how lyrically sweet John Blaq’s new banger ‘Mbimala’ Is.

Infact, in the same piece I wrote and said that the deep voiced musician compensates his lack of a sweet soothing voice with extremely mature and well arranged poetic words.

The article details how even without the best of voices in the land, John Blaq manages to flow within his range. It is this awareness or perhaps mastery of his strength that has enabled him to stay afloat and quite ahead of his competition & copy cats.

It therefore comes with no surprise that a number of beautiful slay queens including a one bummy Anisha Olivia have been jamming and making mind blowing challenges out of Blaq’s latest music video ‘Mbimala’

To be more specific , a half clothed Anisha recorded a seductive video of herself dressed up in a yummy traditional dancing cloth & then posted it on Instagram jamming on the banger.

In the video, Anisha can be seen whining and bouncing on the tune perhaps provoking many thoughts of guys who would want to be bounced on the same way she was doing it in the video.

The video which was later re-posted by the man himself had an interesting caption ‘I love Ugandan music’

In other related news the ‘Obubadi’ hit maker came out last week and denied being the person who appeared in a bonk tape that was shared all over social media ””Social media is awash with a video of a man engaged in a bonking act with a babe.They are purporting that the man engaged in the act is singer John Kasada popularly Known as John Blaq. We can confirm that it is not John Blaq in the video. Our client is equally disturbed by the video and says that despite the uncanny resemblance, he is not the one and can never be relegated to filming cheap videos in dinghy motels. We have engaged with Police to help us weed out the individuals/groups involved in spreading such malicious propaganda”

Check out the video below;