As social media is still awash with blogger ‘Fred Lumbuye Kajjubi arrest talk’, National Unity Platform strongman Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine is yet to comment on that matter.

Earlier today morning reports started circulating about the arrest of People Power-leaning blogger and activist, Fred Lumbuye.

Apparently, Lumbuye was cornered and uprooted from his apartment in Istanbul, Turkey in the wee hours of today morning by detectives operating on Ugandan Embassy’s orders.

According to sources, by the time of his arrest the chubby and motormouth blogger was enjoying Bedminton with stunning girlfriend while Bobi Wine’s Tuliyambala Engule was playing in the background.

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It said that after the arrest, he was bundled in the standby Van whisked away at a breakneck speed to an known destination. Ugandan Embassy in Turkey or Police is yet to release any statement regarding the on going rumour.

But what is disturbing a section of NUP and People Power disciples on social media is Bobi Wine’s silence. The disgruntled disciples believe that since Lumbuye an ardent vocal comrade, Bobi should have at least immediately commented on the matter to show concern and solidarity but not to remain mute.

The former MP has sent a birthday message to his long time music partner, Nubian Li on his Facebook page but most of his followers are not impressed. They want him to break the silence about Lumbuye’s arrest before anything else.

Bellow are some of the comments;

“Pliz Mr President try to post our abducted comrade Lumbuye Fred were not happy at all #Frree Lumbuye Fred”, Katongole Ismail commented.

“Are you pretending like u don’t know lumbuye? He’s been fighting just like how those guy’s fought behind cells, why are you pretending like u have no idea who lumbuye is? Am so disappointed”, Alex Lexus also commented.

Shamie Viddy also expressed self; “I was expecting ur next post to be about lumbuye hmm freedom fighters of ug u disappoint”.

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Bashir Bin Abdul Kareem commented to; “Ssebo President #BOBIWINE leero nange onansonyiwa let me speak out. I’m not happy with how you keep quiet for long on some major issues. #Lumbuye has contributed much on this struggle but I don’t know why you’re so quiet like this. Please say something bse some people’s hearts are in air.”

Nantongo R Josephine; “Gwe ssebo bobi wine lumbuye bamukute mbu tonabitegela kyogamba nga to navayo kwogela kintu kyona Oyo omusajja nga yakuyilawo omubili n u r busy celebrateting nubians brith day hmmmm no wonder“.

Rapid Solja; “Free Our Comrades free Lumbuye, Sserunkuuma, Mubiru nabalala Uganda is bleeding no time to relax”.

Well, we shall keep you posted just incase.