In a buoyant mood, Lumbuye told his following how Bebe Cool’s mum would be deported from US back Uganda because his son supports Sevo…

As of now only God knows where hard hitting NUP-leaning blogger, Fred Lumbuye Kajjubi aka Chemical Ali is.

Last week on Friday, Minister for internal affairs Okello Henry Oryem confirmed Lumbuye’s deportation. He assured the whole Nation that Lumbuye would touch down at Entebbe International Airport at 3AM, Saturday from Turkey.

The following day, Uganda Radio Network-URN quoted Hon Oryem further confirming that Lumbuye was finally in the government’s save hands.

“Lumbuye is in the safe hands of the government,” he said. He, however, declined to reveal where he is being held for security purposes and not to attract crowds.

But this week on Monday, Uganda Police through it’s mouthpiece, Afande Fred Enanga confirmed that Lumbuye was not under their custody and also refused to admit whether the chubby motormouth blogger was in the country or not.

“…up to now people are saying is he with police? which agencies is he with…we want to tell the public that as the police we do have about 15 case files against Fred Kajjubi Lumbuye…”, Afande Enanga clarified before adding;

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“..until Fred Kajjubi Lumbuye is handed over to the police, we shall come with a statement indicating the allegations against him. So that is where our boundary is, whether he is in the country or whether he is not yet in the country”.

Latest reports suggest Chemical Ali is still detained at Kurtkoy immigration detention located in a Kurtkoy village, Bilecik district, Bilecik province in Turkey and that he will be there for the next 20 days unless otherwise.

Well as his disciples are still biting their finger nails and praying for him, the videos he recorded in the past, skinning his targets have started resurfacing on social media.

There is that one in which he alleged that singer Big Size Bebe Cool’s mum was to be immediately deported from United States where she has been living for the past decades back to Uganda.

Lumbuye told his disciples that Bebe Cool’s mum was to be immediately deported from United States

Seemingly very confident of what he was spitting out, Lumbuye thumped his chest and claimed that Bebe Cool’s mum had been denied Asylum because her beloved child ‘works’ for the ruling government.

However he blundered as Bebe Cool mum is still enjoying her life in Boston.

Watch the clip below