As we report this, renown People Power-leaning blogger Fred Lumbuye Kajjubi aka Chemical Ali is apparently sweating plasma after being arrested. Rumors of Lumbuye’s arrest are still trending on social media platforms.

It is alleged that the chubby and motormouth blogger was uprooted from his hideout in Turkey by security operatives in the wee hours of today. Rumor has it that security operatives were working on orders from Uganda’s Embassy in Turkey.

It is further alleged that by the time of his arrest, Lumbuye was playing bedminton with his stunning girlfriend. Apparently he couldn’t hear the security operatives’ footsteps as he was busy performing his midnight duties while listening to Bobi Wine’s ‘Tuliyambala Engule’ song.

Before he could smell the rat, hell had already broken loose!

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How he was arrested…

Sources say, ever since president Yoweri Museveni ordered for the arrest of bloggers who had made it a job to pronounce him dead on social media last month, Ugandan Embassy in Turkey sent its highly trained men to start trailing Fred Lumbuye.

According to Criminal Investigations spokesperson, Charles Twine, Museveni’s death reports were started by mostly bloggers in diaspora and Lumbuye topped that list.

Lumbuye is known for making reckless statements about Museveni, the first family, Buganda Kingdom, Katikiro Peter Mayiga and his government, predicting death of high profile figures in Uganda.

And yesterday they managed have him cornered and arrested in his apartment in Istanbul. Apparently, he tried to run and avoid the coolers but his plan miserably flopped. Sources further tip us that he will be handed over to Ugandan authorities and extradited. However Ugandan Embassy or Police are yet to issue any statement regarding the on going rumors.

There are claims that the government of Uganda is planning to charge him in courts of law.

Lumbuye once said that Museveni has no capacity of arresting him. He said government has been looking for him for four years but the Turkish embassy has been rejecting their requests.