Struggle to unseat President Yoweri Museveni is not only for NUP, Robert Kyagulanyi has warned Ugandans!

Kyagulanyi, also known by his stage name as Bobi Wine contested for President in the Presidential elections held in January this year and President Museveni was confirmed by the electoral commission for another five-year term.

Bobi Wine, musician turned politician, code named his mission to get the President out of State House as ‘struggle’. Many continue to question the NUP President’s silence.

Response to President Museveni’s speech

President Museveni on Saturday night tore into security for their heavy handedness in handling Ugandans during Covid-19 lockdown and general elections. The President noted that in their careless operations, many Ugandans were beaten and killed. He reminded security that the revolution that saw NRA take over power was not based on beating and killing those that opposed them.

However, NUP President Kyagulanyi has hit back at the President claiming he is only coming out as a result of pressure from ‘citizens and international community’.

“To some of you our brothers who are in jail, who are incarcerated. Lets continue to fight. You see now the dictator is is shaking. He is shaking because he is getting pressure coming from citizens.

“He is getting pressure from the international community. He knows what he is doing is wrong. He knows Bashir is being taken to the International Criminal Court ICC.”

“And Museveni sees he is next on line. He is trying to clean himself so that he throws the blame on to the Kandihos and others. But we are coming for you Mr dictator. You can run but you can not hide. I can guarantee you one day this brutality will be accounted for.”

Struggle not for Bobi or NUP

In an interview with NTV at his residence in Magere, the former Kyadondo East MP, dismissed the ‘struggle’ as a property of Bobi Wine or NUP.

He argued: “As Ugandans, we also have a problem because we keep silent. How come only a handful of people talk about this regime yet we have all been oppressed?”

Kyagulanyi insisted: “Museveni is an illegitimate President. The person you are talking to is the right President of Uganda but here we are, all because of the gun.”

He urged: “To remove the dictator, everyone will have to actively get involved because everyone is oppressed”

The NUP President told the nation he is proud of his ‘struggle’. He prided: “I don’t regret joining the Presidential race and if I was to do it all over again, I would it even more radically.”

On his stand on the tagline ‘opposition’, he said: “We are not the Opposition, we are the option. We are only arm twisted into that position but we shall use every platform to push until we are where we are supposed to be.”

Says No to IPOD

Kyagulanyi distanced himself from IPOD connections: “We have our own reservations with IPOD because to us, it looks like a legitimizing tool. That is why we are still staying away because, it doesn’t make sense.

Covid-19 Lockdown

To the people of Uganda, it’s not over until it is over. Poor governance affects us equally and if anything, this pandemic has made that very clear.

While churches were closed to worshipers, they were open to NRM politicians, let’s not forget that and that alone can summarise our fight against COVID-19.

Teenage pregnancy has risen by about 22.5% according to UNICEF mainly because of the unending lockdowns. What kind of generation are we going to have?

Buganda Question

Buganda isn’t just a tribe, it’s a nation with different groups of people and I am glad that the Kabaka spoke his mind the last time he addressed us