Lwasa, Bebe Cool, Pemba and others feature on a list of 6 men who have ever been exposed for having dangling cassava.

A good breakup will make your life better than a bad relationship ever could.

I’m all for saving what is, but sometimes you aren’t meant to be. You’ve got differences impossible to work through. As the saying goes: “Everything has an end; only the sausage has two.”

Break-ups are not so easy, especially if it’s the first time. But the truth is they are just a part of life that everyone has to deal with. The best thing you can do is to keep your chin up, learn from the relationship and focus on becoming your best self and just move on after a break-up.

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In Uganda, we have witnessed massive free drama when most popular couples break up. Once lovebirds turn bitter and soil each other in the public eye. Some go extra miles to unleash bedroom pics all in the name of teaching his or her ex a big lesson.

Even sumbie vendors like Bad Black some times take pride in shaming their male clients.

Well we have compiled a list of 6 men who have been exposed for having dangling cassavas in the southern hemisphere.

Brian White;

In 2019 socialite Bad Black confessed that Brian White was once her customer. Black went on to disclose that much as White used to pay for services bulungi, his biggest undoing was a dangling cassava which could easily be blown away by wind. She advised him to feast on Mulondo to improve his midnight duties.

Jack Pemba;

He is currently off the scene. Sources say one of the reasons why he decided to go into hiding is because he could no longer dine with men after a clip of him while playing Bedminton with girlfriend was leaked on social media. In the video, it was evident how weak his third leg is. Apparently he is now in Congo thick forests in search for herbal medicine to strengthen his muscle.

Bebe Cool;

Like Brian White, Bebe Cool was also busted by Bad Black. Black revealed how Bba wa Zuena wanted to smash her sumbie in 2010. She said by then Bebe was still nursing his wounds after he was shot at Effendis pub. She fussed that they had agreed to have some fun in his Hummer but to her disappointment, the music Icon’s ‘Omuntu wa’wansi’ was not only small but also shot like a pimple.


Lwasa is currently trending after a clip of him tickling his pimple as he cools off surfaced. Those who have had a chance to watch the video say Munamasaka is a total disappointment down there. However he has trashed the clip, deeming it doctored.


His baby mama Prima intimated that Geosteady is a bedroom flop. Prima said she could settle for less yet better men with work were willing to perform the midnight duties better. She had to replace him with dance-hole king Mr. Henrie and the rest is history.

King Saha;

Weak in bedroom affairs is one of the reasons why his South African based babe, Joweri dumped him. She claimed that Saha couldn’t reach her spot bulungi. Since then the R n’B crooner seems to have retired. Apparently he is working on self to bounce back ‘bigger’ and better.